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What is the passing grade for my course?
ADVANCED.fst 4th Edition Passing grade 75% on final proctored exam
What is the cost of the course for my first attempt? First Attempt: The training has been provided to you by the School of Hospitality and Tourism.

What if I fail the exam on my first attempt? You must return to the main portal page, purchase your ADVANCED.fst Retest and Review Course. * Note this must be completed before you challenge the Retest exam.

How many attempts can I have at the exam? Three attempts in total are allowed

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BASICS.fst review and retest      ADVANCED.fst review and retest

Contact us:

Your Algonquin contacts are as follows:
Culinary: Scott Warrick at Woodroffe Campus, 
Baking: Trina Hannam at Woodroffe Campus,
Food & Nutrition: Mimi Davies at Woodroffe Campus,

Need to Re-write? Purchase Retest Courses Here
BASICS.fst® review and retest      ADVANCED.fst® review and retest

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