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How computer literate do I need to be to take an online course?

Taking an online course is similar to reading a book. You can navigate through the chapters and pages in the same manner simply by clicking where you want to go. Instructions are provided throughout the course, and you can reach out for help via email, telephone or chat.

Is Access Instant?

Yes. Once you have completed the registration process you will receive an email immediately with your log in information. You may want to check your "junk folder" if you do not see it right away.

Will I get a CD or manual in the mail?

No. All course materials required are online. 

Can I do the course in more than one sitting?

Yes. We encourage you to work through the course at your own pace. The system will remember where you left off and start you there the next time you login.

Can I use different computers or tablets to access the course?

Yes. You can study your course 24/7 from any computer, tablet or cell phone that has an Internet connection. See Exam section below for webcam exam requirements.

What do I do if my password doesn't work?

  • Use the forgot password button on the home page.
  • Make sure your Caps Lock button is off, passwords are case sensitive.
  • If you have logged in before, you would have been asked to change your password. If you have forgotten your new password simply click on the "Forgot my Password?" link on the student login page and your account info will be emailed to the email address you used when you first signed on.
  • If you are still unable to log in please contact us at

How long do I have to finish the course(s) that I have enrolled in?

Your PASSWORD will not expire.  We recommend that you schedule and write your exam within 8 weeks of starting your course.

Exam Questions


How long do I have to write the exam?

  • BASICS.fst students are allowed 60 minutes to write the final exam.
  • ADVANCED.fst students are allowed 90 minutes to write the final exam.

Can I fail a course?

Different courses have different requirements BASICS.fst and ADVANCED.fst require that you write a proctored examination upon completion.  In order to obtain certification documents you must pass this examination.  A score below 74% in BASICS.fst or below 75% in ADVANCED.fst will not receive certification.  Webcam Retests can be purchased and scheduled through the online campus, or by contacting TrainCan. All other courses on this Campus are courses of completion.  They are self-paced training courses. Each unit has a testing component which requires you to get 100% of the test questions correct. If you do not achieve the percentage, you will be asked to review the unit again and then re-challenge the unit test. You cannot move onto a new unit until you have successfully completed the unit test (score 100%). You cannot fail these courses. You must complete the course to receive a final certificate.

What if I fail the exam on my first attempt?

Click on the “Purchase a Retest” link on the home page or in the course catalogue for instructions.

How do I register for the webcam exam if I purchase a course with the webcam option?

Click on this link to access a guide for setting up your account with Examity, our webcam proctoring partner. You will not be able to access a webcam exam unless you have completed a course with webcam exam access. If you do not have access to a webcam exam, but wish to purchase it, please contact TrainCan directly at

What are the webcam exam system requirements?

TrainCan/Examity webcam exam system requirements are:

  • Desktop computer or laptop (tablets, Chromebook and cell phones do not meet our requirements)
  • A working built-in or external webcam and microphone
  • Internet speed must be at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. Hot spots are not recommended. Test internet speed at:
  • Browser with pop-up blocker disabled

How do I know if my computer will support a webcam exam?

Click this link to determine if your computer will support a webcam exam:

Certification Questions


Where is my certification valid?

Your BASICS.fst or ADVANCED.fst foodhandler certification is valid across Canada.

When will I receive my certificate or wallet card?

If you have completed a BASICS.fst or ADVANCED.fst webcam exam successfully you will be able to print your certificate/wallet card from your course account. The certification will be available within one week of exam completion, once approved by the webcam auditor. Non webcam courses will receive a certification in the mail.

If you have completed any other course on this portal you will be able to print your certification once the course has been completed.

How do I get a replacement wallet card or certificate?

If you have lost your certification document you can log into your account and print a new one. If you wrote your exam earlier than 2019, or your certificate does not appear in your account you should order a new document by clicking on the following link:

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